Redefining Access Control

Mar 1, 2008 12:00 PM, By Larry Anderson

Our exclusive survey ponders the changing role of access control as the security industry converges and transforms.

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In Their Own Words

Our survey included end-user companies, integrator companies and supplier companies. Here is a sampling of verbatim comments from each group.


“To some degree [access control] replaces manpower, but of far more importance, it enhances the availability of human intervention and supports investigations.”

“[It's] faster, more reliable and [offers] user-friendly systems.”

“No longer are there people who want to use a physical lock and/or barrier. They want to be amazed and satisfied with technology.”

“[Access control] has more capability than it has in the past. I would assume that enhancement features will continue to improve.”


“Regulatory is a huge initial driving force, but once adopted, it seems to take on a life of its own as the value to the organization is realized above and beyond compliance.”

“Access control will change when biometrics becomes more user-friendly and affordable.”

“If this country is attacked again by terrorists, you will see everyone locking their buildings to access.”

“We are installing more enterprise-level systems.”


“Access control has become much more of a commodity solution for standard door access, yet technology has vastly improved with the addition of biometrics much enhancing solutions for sites with a higher security requirement.”

“Access control has grown from keypad to proximity and smart cards, thus improving security levels.”

“Access control used to be solely about which person at which door at what time. Now it is a trigger for many other procedures in the system.”

“Basically there are two branches: ‘Cheap’ physical security which is more focused on electronic access control commodity than real security, and ‘advanced physical security’ featuring smart cards and multi-application; convergence of physical and logical; digital video surveillance interoperability.”

“I have noticed a trend for smaller organizations to be more concerned with control of more areas of their facilities.”

“[Access control] will be at the heart of every company's compliance requirements and will embrace every aspect of an employee's workplace experience.”

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