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Dec 1, 2007 12:00 PM

Locks, safes and access control technology

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Digital Door Viewer


The digital door viewer system consists of a digital camera equipped with a CMOS sensor that captures images on a 5.6-in. LCD video monitor mounted on the inside of a door. To use, guests press the button located on the monitor and the monitor displays a live video color image of the area outside the door. The camera is equipped with a special lens that delivers a wide field-of-view in low-light conditions. The view captured by the camera is processed electronically to enhance brightness and color for a clear picture. Both the camera and LCD monitor are powered by AA batteries, and a short length of internal wire carries the image signal through the door. The viewer can be installed on any standard door. Digital Door Viewer, First View Security ( Circle No. 7 or visit

Front Desk Access Management Device


The easy-to-operate front desk unit allows hotel employees to encode and track keycards and data, store audit data and program and maintain locks. The device connects to an external computer, printer or property management system through a USB port to share check-in data and produce audits and reports to measure operational efficiency. It implements upgrades and configuration changes immediately to eliminate delays and shipping costs. The device allows 15 levels of keycard access ranging from guest to emergency, includes five authorization levels, encodes 10 special purpose keycards and accommodates up to 16,000 guest rooms. It can store an audit of the previous 4,000 transactions. Other features include a drop-and-swipe reader track with alignment guide, a low battery alarm, impact-resistant plastic casing with anti-slip pads, eight-hour battery backup and a 300,000-swipe life expectancy. Next Generation Front Desk Unit (FDU), Kaba Ilco Inc. ( Circle No. 8 or visit

In-Room PIN Code Safe


The electronic in-room safe has internal dimensions of 7.87-in. high, 15.75-in. wide and 11.81-in. deep. According to the supplier, the dimensions are large enough to fit most laptop computers. The user-friendly safe includes a 3- to 6-digit PIN code option, a resident master code, an audit trail display and a mechanical override option. System functions are placed on a hold period after four consecutive failed PIN attempts. The safe is powered by four AA batteries and features a power-status display on the screen. Laptop 50, Onity ( Circle No. 9 or visit

Contactless Electronic Locking System


The Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) locking system is an open-platform system that is compatible with main RFID ISO standards such as ISO 14.443 A-MIFARE, ISO 14.443 B and ISO 15.693. The system is also compatible with the Near Field Communication (NFC) cell phone technology platform, which allows guests with NFC-ready cell phones to open their room doors. When the system is installed, only the reader and door handle are visible. Users of the supplier's Signature magstripe or combo technology readers can easily upgrade to RFID by replacing the reader unit and escutcheon. The RFID readers are now available in green, blue, red and orange, in addition to standard black. A Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) finish is also available for properties located in harsh environments. The finish protects against corrosion, UV beams, salt and aggressive cleaning products. Signature RFID, VingCard ( Circle No. 10 or visit

Keycard Access Control Device


The device can be installed throughout a hotel property to monitor employee movement and control access to rooms during specified work shifts. The device reads and encodes smart cards, mag-stripe cards and memory cards. Before beginning their shifts, employees insert their keycards into the device to obtain authorization. Employee keycards are inoperable unless authorized by the device. As a result, managers have a log of employee attendance along with an added layer of security that prevents absent or off-duty employees from potentially misusing their keycard access. The device can be programmed to retrieve data and various lock reports, such as low-battery warnings on locks. It can also help ease concerns over lost keys. For example, if an employee's timed-out key is found, it will not work unless reauthorized by the device. Secure Shift, SAFLOK ( Circle No. 11 or visit

Two-Piece Electronic Locking System


The two-piece locking unit is primarily designed for new construction properties and major renovation projects where an elegant appearance is desired. The bezel and handle are available in a range of finishes, including satin and polished chrome, satin and polished brass, light bronze, antique polyester and light and dark antique. Users have a choice of three handle styles. The system is available with an optional mechanical override cylinder. Use of the mechanical override function is registered in the lock memory for an audit trail. The system is designed for use with the supplier's DC-One Dual-Card (Magstripe/Smart Card) technology. Optima, TimeLox ( Circle No. 12 or visit

In-Room Fingerprint Safe


The fingerprint safe uses biometric technology to secure guests' personal items. The safe is activated by a touch of the finger on the biometric sensor. It includes an illuminated LCD display, visual and audio feedback for each operation, a motorized bolt and a 120-operation audit report. Wireless IR communication is possible using a handheld device. The system also includes a BiMax computerized control unit, a low-battery indication function and a self-diagnostic troubleshooting tool. Options include a power outlet for laptop recharge and an AC power supply. Impact Fingerprint Safe, Safeplace ( Circle No. 13 or visit

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