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Jun 1, 2003 12:00 PM, James Gompers

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To illustrate the power and importance of biometrics, let's examine a typical healthcare organization that wants to improve both physical security and “logical security” for patient records and information. The selected solution design involves a combination of technologies to secure both the facility and the organization's important information.

First, the facility wanted to incorporate smart cards into the access control system to lay the groundwork for future flexibility and expandability. Along with the smart card system, fingerprint scanners were chosen to create a higher level of security and accountability for areas such as neonatal wards, infant nurseries, pharmacies, record storage rooms and secure laboratories. In this application, each person's fingerprint templates are stored on both their smart card for access and at the access control database for verification. This duplication makes for quicker access approval, while also validating granted ingress through verification on the control panel or server. The fingerprint scanners were also incorporated into the payroll and accounting systems by having employees use their fingerprint to clock in and out; thus, ensuring against fraudulent time and attendance.

A natural progression is the implementation of fingerprint readers on all hospital computers for network and database access. Fingerprint readers are incorporated into the cafeteria POS system for employee discounts and payroll debits for meals.

For this large, always-open facility, the incorporation of biometrics has created higher levels of security, accountability and convenience. This application is relevant for any mid-size or larger facility. Other industry applications that benefit from biometric solutions include banking, financial, transportation and government.

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