Route 66 Casino Realizes Benefits From Physical Security System

Sep 1, 2008 12:00 PM

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Laguna Development Corp.'s Route 66 Casino, a nostalgia-themed casino near Alberquerque, N.M., that offers 1,600 slot and video poker machines, 26 table games and a poker room with 12 tables, is centralizing surveillance, reducing operational expenditures and streamlining accessibility to information with its physical security solution from Cisco.

Casino executives at any of the three associated locations can now log into the Cisco Physical Security solution to get a real-time view of any part of any facility, from any angle using pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ) cameras. In addition, managers now have one-touch ability to determine which of the casino and hotel employees have access to the various elements of the security.

Route 66 Casino is also realizing additional operational benefits and savings with reduced facility costs. They are able to easily extend video surveillance and physical security services to new business locations without creating new networks and separate infrastructures. At the same time, they can centrally manage physical security and optimize human resources and operation staffing levels. The casino security personnel can benefit from full hardware redundancy and have fail-over recorders, and managers can assign user rights so that non-gaming employees are able to view only limited content.

In the past, Route 66 used a completely analog system with videocassette recorders and VHS tapes. The casino personnel were required to physically change tapes often, which increased work hours as the casino grew. If an employee neglected to change a tape at the correct time, valuable information was lost and there was the risk of overwriting information. In addition, if material needed to be retrieved, many hours were spent forwarding and rewinding tapes to get to a specific spot in the coverage.

Edward Khader, director of information technology, Laguna Development Corp., says the primary reason they chose the Cisco Physical Security solution was that it, “allows us to reduce the amount of time it takes our employees to search for a specific timeframe of coverage. What literally took us hours to locate on our old-fashioned VHS tapes now takes us only minutes with our video recorders.”

A year into the deployment, Route 66 executives are now more empowered than ever before, as they are able to look at specific timeframes from any recorded location from the comfort of their office desk, eliminating the need to travel to remote corporate sites. Because the Cisco Physical Security solution runs on the Cisco IP network, already in place, Route 66 has used their existing network investment and increased ease of use for their executives.

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