THE LATEST TECHNOLOGIES for Security Applications

Sep 1, 2008 12:00 PM

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Thwart Vandalism and Improve Safety

SPOTLIGHT: LLumar Safety and Security Window Film

LLumar's multilayered, optically clear automotive safety and security film is applied to standard auto glass to provide a strong defense against the unexpected, including side-impact collisions and smash-and-grab theft. “LLumar's security film protects passengers from flying glass and debris. The film provides an extra degree of protection, and the best part is that you can't tell it's there until you need it,” says Lisa Winckler, director of product development and technology for CPFilms, manufacturer of LLumar film. LLumar Automotive Safety and Security Film is also available in a solar-control version that blocks 99 percent of UVA and UVB rays, thus reducing heat gain and filtering glare for a safer view of the road. LLumar Automotive Safety and Security Film can be professionally installed as a retrofit application in vehicles in a matter of hours. Automotive Safety and Security Film, LLumar ( Circle No. 7 or visit

Contactless/Proximity Card Reader


The card reader is part of a series designed for users who are upgrading their current card system from proximity technology to iCLASS credentials. The reader enables the user to transition to smart cards over time while incorporating the use of multiple card technologies within a single building or across multiple facilities. The reader reads 125 KHz HID, Indala or AWID proximity cards and 13.56 MHz iCLASS, MIFARE, DESFire and PIV cards. Dual-factor authentication combines the presentation of a contactless card with the entry of a PIN. For security, all RF data transmission between the card and the reader is encrypted using a secure algorithm, and an internal tamper switch facilitates notification of a tamper alarm. An audio sounder provides various tone sequences to signify access granted, access denied, power up and diagnostics. The unit is housed in a weatherproof polycarbonate enclosure for indoor/outdoor functionality. RPK40 multiCLASS Reader with Keypad, HID Global ( Circle No. 8 or visit

Plug-And-Play Desktop Reader


The PIV contactless smart card reader helps users converge their IT applications with physical security. It can be deployed as a logical access system for applications such as card enrollment and verification; PC/LAN access control; employee identification; document management/secure printing; time-and-attendance; and single sign-on. The reader is deployable without needing software or updates to existing software or back-end systems. It is user-configurable and compatible with any operating system that supports a USB or RS-232 port. The reader also supports one- and two-factor authentication for Windows, Macintosh, thin-clients, PDAs and other devices. AIR ID Enroll for FIPS201, RF Ideas ( Circle No. 9 or visit

DVR Management Software


The DVR management software simplifies the maintenance and configuration of thousands of DVRs from a central location. Field units are arranged in fleets to allow security managers to selectively monitor, update and manage large groups of security devices, including the supplier's line of DVR, NVR, hybrid and IP recording solutions. An Access Rights and Configuration module enables management of each user including which cameras and video the user can view or what access level he or she is granted for the system. A System Health Monitoring module provides real-time monitoring and notifications of any issue that may affect the performance of the systems, including video loss and drive failure. A Software Update module allows for immediate or scheduled updates to be managed from the central location. VCM Software, 3XLogic Inc. ( Circle No. 10 or visit

Dual-Interface Smart Cards


The microprocessor dual-interface cards are based on the JavaCard standard with 72 Kb user capacity. They communicate through the ISO 7816 interface or wirelessly through the ISO 14443-B protocol. The cards support a range of software security features, and users can choose from a variety of physical security options, including holograms, microprinting, guilloche and color-shifting ink. The cards also employ “flexible bump” technology, which extends the durability of the card's internal connections to the embedded antenna for a longer lifespan. Chips used in the cards are certified to Common Criteria and EAL 5+. They are NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology)- and FIPS 201-certified. CREDENTSYS-J, CardLogix ( Circle No. 11 or visit

Megapixel Camera Series


The cameras feature complementary color progressive scan CCDs with the supplier's color filter ExwavePRO technology. Unlike conventional progressive scan CCD imagers, the technology provides increased levels of light sensitivity that are necessary to achieve optimal performance. The cameras also feature Light Funnel technology, which combines image data gathered from multiple horizontally and vertically aligned pixels to produce bright image outputs even when monitoring moving objects. The function can be activated automatically in response to surrounding light conditions or on a pre-specified time schedule. In addition, the cameras offer intelligent motion detection, microphone inputs, line-out and Power-over-Ethernet. SNC-DM110, SNC-CM120, SNC-DM160, Sony Electronics ( Circle No. 12 or visit

Tactical Package


The package contains the supplier's high-definition night vision device, as well as an IR illuminator and mount, an illumination light, additional circuit-protected rechargeable Lithium ion batteries, additional CR 123 batteries, a battery charger and a waterproof SKB case. The high-definition night vision device incorporates an HDTV display, proprietary DSP, ultra-sensitive multispectral CCD technology and zoom capability. The IR illuminators are used by the U.S. armed forces and law enforcement and security agencies, and the package is suitable for military, law enforcement, public safety and commercial and private sector applications. SuperVision Tactical Package, Xenonics Holdings Inc. ( Circle No. 13 or visit

Biometric Verification Software


In support of the supplier's family of personal identity verification tokens for secure physical and IT access, an updated version of its software extends the capabilities and convenience to administer and enroll biometric tokens. The software offers multi-client support, import and export functionality, more extensive reporting features and a key server for a more convenient method of securing tokens to the issuing organization. The biometric token works “out-of-the-box” with existing card readers at doorways and with Microsoft Certificate Services. For users who do not operate Certificate Services, the Logical Access Support Package enables the token to work with standalone PCs for secure logon in lieu of passwords. The system communicates with PCs over USB or wirelessly via Bluetooth, and supports both two- and three-factor authentication mode. plusID Manager Version 2.0, Privaris ( Circle No. 14 or visit

Fiber Optic Video Receivers


Either model receives a single baseband video channel as an optical signal from up to a mile and a half to where it is converted back to baseband video for monitoring. One model features a manual gain adjustment, and the other features automatic gain control that adjusts changes in the camera output that might degrade video quality. FVR11, FVR10, Communication Networks ( Circle No. 15 or visit

Network Video Recorder And Camera Management Software


The updated product adds two-way audio functionality to the bundled video client. Users can monitor and record audio from camera-connected microphones and stream audio from the control room to camera-connected sound systems, thus allowing two-way audio interaction with video-monitored persons. It supports the MxPEG compression format, with H.264 and MPEG4 ASP planned for future releases, as well as using different frame-rate video streams for live monitoring and recording. DVRs can be integrated into the IP video system, allowing users to leverage their existing investment in IP video recording devices. Higher efficiency in video archiving is achieved through multi-disk archiving. Video can be archived to various media at locations across the network, maximizing the use of the organization's storage resources. NetDVMS Version 6.5, On-Net Surveillance Systems Inc. ( Circle No. 16 or visit

Mini-Dome IP Camera


The camera incorporates a robust feature set that includes its own built-in Webserver, along with dual codec Motion-JPEG and MPEG4 (SP) compression, Power-over-Ethernet (PoE), detailed VGA (640 × 480) resolution and a streaming video rate of 30 frames-per-second. The ¼-in. CMOS image sensor and wide-angle varifocal fixed lens (F=1.4-1.8, f=2.0-4.0 mm) with 4x digital zoom reproduce crisp video images. The progressive scan system is complemented by backlight compensation, flickerless imaging, auto gain control and auto white balance to produce video in various lighting situations. To allow for audio monitoring and warnings, the product features a microphone input and line out for speakers. IK-WD01A, Toshiba Surveillance & IP Video Products ( Circle No. 17 or visit

Keypad Controllers


The keypad controller features new finishes, rounded buttons with enhanced tactile action and auto-dimmable backlit engraving suitable for any lighting condition. Custom-configurable button caps are provided in three sizes, enabling the choice of two to six buttons per keypad. Each button can be configured to support up to three separate functions by tapping, double-tapping or holding the button. The LED feed can display a momentary six-segment bar graph display indicating lighting levels and audio settings. The LEDs can also generate nine blink patterns to simplify programming and minimize network traffic. The controllers are available in a wireless version to eliminate the need for a dedicated control wire to each keypad. This version mounts in a standard electrical box and is powered from any 120v circuit. It is available in smooth and textured finishes, and is color-matched with the options of light almond, black and white faceplates. Textured finishes are available in almond, black, and white. Cameo Keypads, Crestron Electronics Inc. ( Circle No. 20 or visit

Access Control Software


Four editions of the software provide a user-friendly graphical interface to manage, configure and monitor access control systems from local and remote locations. It can connect to one or more sites, each of which consists of one or more door controllers. Each edition, which suits a range of installation sizes and budgets, includes all the software modules needed to manage a system on a single computer. Additional workstations can be installed on one or more networked computers to manage the system. It supports multiple operators locally and in different locations and in various languages, and includes event recording, report generation, time-and-attendance data acquisition and real-time graphical interface. Centaur Access Control Software, CDVI ( Circle No. 21 or visit

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In support of the Privaris family of personal identity verification tokens for secure physical and IT access, an updated version of its plusID Manager Version 2.0 software extends the capabilities and convenience to administer and enroll biometric tokens. The software offers multi-client support, import and export functionality, more extensive reporting features and a key server for a more convenient method of securing tokens to the issuing organization.

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