Long And Winding Roads

Sep 1, 2008 12:00 PM, Larry Anderson, Editor

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What do a forklift operator, a UNIX systems administrator and a corporate salesman have in common? (If you saw our Security Director of the Year profile that began on page 1, we gave you a big hint.)

The answer is that they all later became security professionals at the top of their game. They not only made the career transition, but they became security professionals who have demonstrated leadership skills worthy of recognition in this month's issue of Access Control & Security Systems. (For the story of the systems administrator, the salesman and three other honorees, be sure to check out our “Security Honor Roll” profiles that begin on page 14.)

The diverse backgrounds of our profile subjects this year strike me as a testament to the long journeys and circuitous routes that lead people to the field of security. There was a time (wasn't there?) when most security professionals came from law enforcement or the military. There are still plenty of those guys among us, but they are joined at local ASIS chapter meetings by people who came up the ranks through their various companies before taking on a security job.

Also in the mix are IT professionals and other techy types who have migrated to our profession by way of information security or following the technology transitions playing out before us.

Strange career paths probably reflect the instability of the job market in today's global economy. That many different types of candidates are excelling at security jobs also reflects how different the job of security is from one company to the next. One size definitely doesn't fit all, and savvy security professionals are always looking for ways to become more well-rounded leaders, and to increase their value to their employers. This month's honorees show us how it's done.

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