Plans For A Fla.-Based Security Training Campus 

A proposed $100 million facility envisioned as an extensive security training center has targeted 3,000 acres in Charlotte County, Fla., for a university-style campus with such areas as gun ranges, caves, tunnels and a watercraft assault lake.
The center would train FBI, CIA, military and local and state law enforcement officers -- turning even private security guards into GI Joes able to protect ports, refineries and other vulnerable areas in the United States.
Millions of dollars in federal contracts are up for grabs for the proposed center, named The Grove. ...

Still Time To Nominate The 2007 Security Director of the Year! 

Each year, we honor one outstanding security director who best exemplifies the qualities that every security director should strive to acquire. He or she is a person who embodies technology and business leadership, inspires employees and demonstrates unparalleled devotion to advancing the security of his or her organization.
If you know someone who fits that description, there is still time to nominate him or her for the honor. ...


Mergers & Acquisitions Verizon Business, has agreed to acquire Cybertrust, Herndon, Va., a privately-held provider of global information security services....

From The Field 

HEALTH CARE How Potomac Hospital Ensures Network Security Potomac Hospital in Woodbridge, Va., has selected SonicWALL's network security, secure wireless,...

Businesses Not Prepared For Disaster, Says Study 

Despite another year filled with hard-lessons learned from tornadoes, floods and fires, 30 percent of businesses across the country are still not prepared for the worst-case scenario, according to AT&T's annual study on business continuity and disaster recovery preparedness for U.S. businesses in the private sector.
Key findings from the 2007 AT&T Business Continuity Study include:
Of the 10 cities surveyed this year, businesses in New York ranked first in terms of being the most prepared for natural and man-made disasters, and businesses in Cleveland came in last. ...

In Search Of Answers About Campus Security 

Many schools and universities are looking for better ways to get the word out to students and others on their campuses when an incident occurs. On large campuses such as Virginia Tech, which has more than 26,000 students, it is unlikely that any one method of sending out news will reach everybody. Some students may be in classrooms, others may be napping in their residence halls; some may be strolling across campus; others may be hunkered down in the library for uninterrupted study.
Among the systems that schools around the nation are using or considering are ones that can deliver messages by intercom, telephone, computer or wireless devices. Using a variety of delivery methods, a school is more likely to get the message out in ways that students are accustomed to using. ...

Airport Security Prevalent This Summer Travel Season 

As the busy summer travel season begins, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) reminds travelers to be prepared and plan ahead for security. Passenger preparedness for the security process can have a significant impact on wait times at the checkpoint.
Officials from TSA, airports and major airlines anticipate high numbers of passengers between Memorial Day and Labor Day weekends. TSA is prepared for summer travel and is working with aviation industry partners to ensure a high level of security and customer service for travelers. ...

NASCO Hosts Security Summit 

The National Association of Security Companies (NASCO), the nation's largest contract-security trade association representing firms employing nearly 450,000 security officers, held the 2nd Annual NASCO Annual Contract Security Summit Hill Day in Washington, D.C., May 15-16.
Developed to facilitate networking among contract security executives and their federal counterparts, the two-day program brought together more than 75 CEOs, presidents, vice presidents and owners from national and regional contract security companies with Congressional leaders, representatives from the Department of Homeland Security and the FBI's Criminal Justice Information Service (CJIS). ...

Expo Seguridad Mexico Celebrates Fifth Anniversary 

Expo Seguridad Mexico 2007 celebrated its fifth anniversary April 24-26, 2007 at Centro Banamex in Mexico City with three days of new technology, more than 50 international experts offering 80 specialized seminars, an increased number of exhibitors and attendees and a gala dinner commemorating the milestone.
Expo Seguridad Mexico, Latin America's premier electronic security event, consistently draws important decision makers in the public and private sectors and generates tremendous leads and referrals for exhibitors....

Webinar Hosts Panel of Video Analytics Experts 

"It's not just for military or government anymore, it's a usable business tool."
The topic was video analytics, and with that comment, moderator Larry Anderson, editor of Access Control & Security Systems magazine, launched a webinar to provide helpful information to users of the technology.
Access Control & Security Systems magazine teamed up with Verint Systems, a supplier of networked video solutions, to present a webinar to video analytics enthusiasts and end-users on May 15. With a panel of four speakers, the webinar addressed topics ranging from analytics' market view, to trends, adoption and education, to an integrator's view and solutions for today. The session is still available on demand at
The panel included Larry Anderson, editor of Access Control & Security Systems; Mariann McDonagh, vice president of global marketing for Verint Systems; Mark Moscinski, vice president of SD-I and Chris Taylor; national accounts director for Verint Systems....

Security Platform Offered for U.S. Chemical Industry 

ARINC Inc., Annapolis, plans to unveil an integrated security platform targeted to the current and future needs of U.S. chemical facilities. The solution expands on ARINC's expertise, spanning over 25 years, in supplying 10 CFR 73.55-compliant security systems to Nuclear Regulatory Commission Licensee facilities.
ARINC is cooperating with two other technology providers, BroadWare Inc., Santa Clara, Calif., and Hirsch Electronics, Santa Ana, Calif., to demonstrate a set of integrated, field-proven security technologies for the chemical industry at the Chemical Sector Security Summit, June 11-13, Booth #9, at the Fairview Park Marriott in Falls Church, Va. The companies have formed an open consortium -- the Open Standards Security Alliance -- to move the U.S. chemical facilities security industry toward open standards.
The Department of Homeland Security has recognized that chemical facilities require regulation and compliance standards similar to those that ensure security for the nation's nuclear facilities. The platform at Booth #9 will include command and control, intrusion detection, video surveillance, access control and biometric integration....

Awareness Increases About Identity Issues 

The Smart Card Alliance Identity Council provided education on and increased awareness of identity issues and technologies in its first year, focusing particularly on new government initiatives REAL ID and the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative (WHTI). The Council has announced its accomplishments for the last year, plans for the upcoming year and newly elected officers and steering committee members, including chair Neville Pattinson, vice president of government affairs and standards for Gemalto North America, Arlington, Va.
"I am proud to be elected chair of a council that addresses the need for trusted and secure identities, a topic critical for citizens, governments and enterprises today," says Pattinson. "I look forward to working with the Smart Card Alliance and participating organizations to educate and campaign for solutions that enhance privacy and the security of identity information."...

Tri-Ed's Access Training Offers New Opportunities 

In addition to Tri-Ed's national training initiative (its Master's Training Program which comes complete with state and/or national accreditation), the independent distributor continues to offer other specialized training events at its many branch locations. One example is the Keri/Rutherford Controls Access Control training seminar held recently at Tri-Ed's Pennsauken, N.J. branch.
The program included instruction on how to install Rutherford Controls door strikes and electromagnetic locks courtesy of Bob Chartrand of BCA Sales. Joe Lee of Keri also delivered to participants a comprehensive overview of the Keri product line. ...

Study Shows Businesses Lack Adequate Security 

According to a new study commissioned by Scott & Scott, LLP, Dallas, and conducted by privacy and information management research firm the Ponemon Institute, Traverse City, Mich., 85 percent of businesses have experienced a data security breach. Despite the frequency of such security failures, 46 percent of businesses failed to implement encryption solutions even after suffering a data breach, and 82 percent did not seek legal counsel prior to responding to the incident despite having no prior response plan in place.
The survey, entitled The Business Impact of Data Breach, examines the responses of more than 700 U.S.-based C-level executives, managers and IT security officers in mid-size to large businesses spanning all industries. Analysis of the results shows that businesses are struggling to implement the proper policies and controls required to prepare for and mitigate the legal, regulatory, and financial risks associated with a security failure. In addition, many businesses may be discounting the long-term threat to customer retention and corporate reputation....

RFID Proving Useful Against Theft 

Radio frequency identification (RFID) technology is higher-profile than ever, and is being used in an ever-expanding number of applications. Here are two examples just from today's news:

Exam papers get RFID tags
Examination board Edexcel, London, is starting to add RFID tags to exam papers in an effort to stop students' work from going missing.
The company sent out 620,000 bags of exam papers last year and received around 70 reports of security breaches.

High-Tech Solution Catches DVD Thieves
DVD counterfeiting and piracy cost content creators and disk sellers billions a year in lost revenues. But even as the industry scrambles to get a step ahead of the digital thieves, a low-tech form of larceny -- the snatching of packaged DVDs from stores, warehouses and other points along the supply chain -- continues to yield losses "on the same order of magnitude," says Paul Atkinson, president and CEO at Kestrel Wireless, Emeryville, Calif.
Atkinson says, "10 to 15 percent of the disks -- especially newly released films -- shipped [annually] in the U.S. are believed to be stolen."...

New Burglar Alarms Hazardous to Responders 

The International Association of Fire Chiefs, Fairfax, Va., is concerned about a new burglar alarm system that deploys dense smoke to incapacitate an intruder. The systems are sold on the premise of protecting a property by having a blinding smoke screen quickly fill an area when a burglar alarm is activated. In turn, the blinding smoke may likely activate a smoke/fire alarm; this would precipitate a fire department response.
Chief Alan Perdue, chair of the IAFC Fire and Life Safety Section, brought the new alarms to the attention of the IAFC board of directors, saying that several national franchise businesses are reportedly installing this type of system....

Small Firms Warned Of 'Security Apathy' 

The National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA), Washington, DC, has called on small businesses to fight " security apathy."
The US-based non-profit organization warned that hackers and identity thieves are increasingly targeting small businesses.
According to the NCSA, a recent FBI study found that 90 percent of small businesses had suffered at least one cyber-security incident within the past year, yet most small businesses are not doing enough to protect their businesses or customers.
"Even though small businesses recognize the need to make cyber-security a priority, many are intimidated by the perceived resources needed to implement the right security plan," says Ron Teixeira, executive director of the NCSA....

Book Series Offers Guidance to Non-Security Professionals 

The Security Executive Council is offering business professionals a set of guidebooks to help them perform investigations of workplace misconduct.
When allegations of inappropriate behavior surface, the first corporate representatives notified are often not security professionals. In these cases, the responding personnel may find themselves in the unfamiliar territory of assisting in or even executing an investigation. The Response to Misconduct Allegations series by John D. Thompson provides practical guidance to non-security professionals who must play a role in investigations of inappropriate workplace behavior. ...

Thumb Drives: How They Hurt Security 

According to a recent study from Centennial Software, United Kingdom, IT managers said portable storage devices, such as thumb drives and MP3 players, have surpassed even malware to become a top security concern.
The study, which polled 370 IT professionals, showed that 38.4 percent of IT managers say portable storage devices are their top security concern. That's up from 25.7 percent in 2006. ...

Thumb Drives: How They Help IT Security 

Nearly 60 percent of businesses acknowledge that they have experienced at least one major IT security breach over the last six months -- up significantly from security breach data of three years ago, when major security breaches in six-month periods were under 40 percent. The question is, how do we make IT security more robust and at the same time, easier to use?
There have been robust security solutions in the marketplace for years that could capably combat many of the new and emerging security breach scenarios that companies are experiencing -- but companies have not widely implemented the solutions. One problem has been ease of use. ...

Fla. Police Chiefs Adopt Alarm Model Ordinance 

Florida has set another "first" in its efforts to manage burglar alarms and enhance public safety. Last month, the Florida Police Chiefs Association (FPCA) passed a resolution to adopt a Model Alarm Ordinance. The ordinance will be used by police chiefs across the state to develop and/or revise their jurisdiction's alarm management programs. It serves as the nation's first model alarm ordinance developed by a state police chiefs association.
The Security Industry Alarm Coalition (SIAC), Frisco, Texas, and the Alarm Association of Florida (AAF) helped FPCA develop the ordinance. Last year all three groups supported a legislative bill that made Florida the first state in the country to fully enforce a statewide statue known as Enhanced Call Verification (ECV). ...

ADT Security Services: An Authorized Provider For Cisco 

ADT Security Services, Boca Raton, Fla., has achieved the Physical Security (PhySec) Authorized Technology Provider (ATP) status from Cisco Systems Inc., San Jose, Calif.
The ATP designation recognizes ADT for its ability to provide the advanced technical skills and lifecycle services required to deploy Cisco network-based physical security solutions targeted to a range of industries.
This new diverse set of Cisco solutions now offers end-users the ability to seamlessly integrate with, displace or forgo expensive video surveillance transmission, matrix switch and distribution amp products historically used to connect cameras to security operation centers and various recording devices....

Research Suggests Data Loss Could Lead To Corporate Collapse 

McAfee Inc., Santa Clara, Calif., has released a report titled "Datagate: The Next Inevitable Corporate Disaster?" revealing a widespread belief that a major security breach, even an unintentional one, could lead to the collapse of a major corporation.
The global research, conducted for McAfee by Datamonitor, New York City, surveyed more than 1,400 IT professionals at companies with at least 250 employees in the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Germany and Australia.
Thirty-three percent of respondents said they believe a major data loss incident involving accidental or malicious distribution of confidential data could put them out of business....

Report Recommends Better RFID Security 

Organizations that use RFID devices should systematically evaluate potential security and privacy risks posed by the technology, U.S. government officials say in a new report detailing best practices for retailers, manufacturers, hospitals and federal agencies. RFID raises unique security concerns because, unlike a desktop computer or most devices overseen by a company's network security crew, a single RFID tag may be handled by multiple organizations.
"When you go into RFID, the chain of custody is different," says Tom Karygiannis, lead author of a 154-page report released by the Department of Commerce's National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). "We're talking about a global supply chain. You're working with suppliers, manufacturers, retailers; different organizations may have possession of the merchandise that has the RFID on it throughout the life cycle. This raises new privacy and security risks."...

Security Groups Provide Campus Safety Statistics 

In the wake of the Virginia Tech shootings, parents and students are seeking information on campus security as well as pushing security groups to release information about past incidents on campus.
Security on Campus, a nonprofit advocacy group, says a number of high schools are asking for copies of the group's "safety audit," a printed guide to help seniors evaluate campus safety along with other factors as they make their college choice.
Experts emphasize that there is no way to anticipate an event like the Virginia Tech shooting, but that the two big issues highlighted -- campus mental health services and security -- are topics every student should care about....

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