Campus Reactions To Virginia Tech Tragedy Are Surveyed Nationwide 

Nearly nine out of 10 respondents to a recent survey indicated that their college or university had conducted a comprehensive review of campus safety and security in the wake of the mass shootings at Virginia Tech in April of last year, and a similar proportion indicated that changes had been made to policies, procedures or security systems as a result of the tragedy, according to the Midwestern Higher Education Compact (MHEC).
The nationwide survey of student life officers and campus safety directors provides a snapshot of how colleges and universities responded to the tragic events at Virginia Tech and the changes that have resulted from safety and security audits conducted both internally and externally at institutions across the country. The survey included questions about emergency notification systems, security and monitoring systems, communications and training, changes to administrative structure and policies related to student behavior and mental health. ...

ADT Supports University of Arkansas Theft Deterrence Research 

ADT announces its support of a landmark study by the University of Arkansas Information Technology Research Institute that tested and compared the effectiveness of both Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) and Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) for perimeter theft protection in a retail environment.
"This research was important because we believe EAS and RFID are complementary technologies that can provide retailers with several approaches to preventing theft while improving operational efficiency, depending on their needs," says Stanley Kong, vice president, ADT Retail Sales and Services for Asia....

SimplexGrinnell Organizes Symposium To Strengthen Campus Safety 

As the nationwide focus on campus protection continues to intensify, SimplexGrinnell has organized a special symposium at Cleveland State University (CSU), set to take place on April 21, to help senior administrators make their institutions safer and more secure.
The day-long symposium, titled A Higher Degree of Campus Safety, will take place almost a year to the day after the shootings that took 32 lives at Virginia Tech. Designed for university presidents, vice presidents, provosts and other senior leaders, it also comes amid a recent spate of college shootings and incidents that have further heightened the attention on this critical issue....

HID Global Partners With Lenel To Merge Solutions 

Building on the collaborative theme of open architecture at ISC West 2008, Irvine, Calif.-based HID Global announced April 2 during a press conference that its Edge family of IP-based access control solutions will be incorporated into the OnGuard 2008 Plus (release 6.1) security platform from Lenel Systems International, Pittsford, N.Y. The integration will allow Lenel to expand OnGuard’s capabilities to enhance existing sites, provide comprehensive contactless smart card implementations and meet the needs of users seeking IP-based devices as part or all of their access security system hardware platform.
“We are extremely pleased to have Lenel join HID Global’s OPIN Partner Program,” said Denis Hebert, president and CEO of HID Global. “As industry leaders, both companies share a mutual commitment to providing open platform solutions aimed at shifting the existing physical security paradigm. By leveraging Lenel’s OpenDevice API, and HID’s OPIN technology, our newly combined offering will provide end-users with optimum value based on tomorrow’s infrastructure.”...

Industry Awards Program Honors Excellence 

The Security Industry Association (SIA) has awarded NoblePeak's Vision TriWave Camera with the 2008 New Product Showcase Innovation Award at this year's SIA event on April 2, 2008 in Las Vegas. More than 100 new products and technologies vied for top honors at the annual awards program honoring excellence in security product design.
“It is truly a breakthrough product,” says Shayne Bates, principal of Security Consulting for Koffel Associates and 2008 NPS judge. “NoblePeak has applied science to solve the scientific problem of how light is used at night. This product has the potential to change how we see and use cameras in a range of facilities and conditions.”...

Report Says Patients At Risk Of Hospital Security Policy Gaps 

The health care industry’s focus on medical privacy and compliance has fostered a lack of awareness around the frequency, cause and seriousness of patient identity theft, according to the 2008 HIMSS Analytics Report: Security of Patient Data commissioned by Kroll Fraud Solutions, a provider of data protection and identity theft response services. The report reveals a significant blind spot that hinders hospital efforts to contain the problem and reduce risk.
“Health care facilities are complex environments where information is stored and shared in a number of ways that are critical to patient well-being,” says Brian Lapidus, chief operating officer of Kroll Fraud Solutions. “Until health care organizations expand their data security measures to address the threat of data compromise as well as privacy and compliance, patients will continue to be at risk.”...

Business Processes A New Target For Cyber-Thieves 

The business use of e-mail worldwide has become so critical that the ever-increasing number of spam attacks containing malware are placing corporate and customer information at the highest levels of risk yet, according to an industry-wide survey, conducted by Internet security firm Webroot.
According to TechNewsWorld, the survey asked 1,494 e-mail security product decision-makers to explore their views about e-mail related threats and the latest methods to protect business e-mail. Respondents were from both regulated and unregulated companies and organizations in seven countries: Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States....

Washington University Predicts An RFID-Filled Future 

Some University of Washington (UW) students, faculty and staff are being tracked as they move about the computer-science building, with details of where they've been, and with whom, stored in a database.
The project is meant to explore both positive and negative aspects of a world saturated with technology that can monitor people and objects remotely.
"What we want to understand," Professor Gaetano Borriello says, "is what makes it useful, what makes it threatening and how to balance the two."...

Buses In Canadian City To Deploy Surveillance Systems 

The success of a bus video surveillance pilot project means cameras could be a feature on all new buses in Saskatoon, Canada.
According to the StarPhoenix, in the summer of 2006, a program began involving the installation of video cameras at the front and rear of city transit buses, as well as a digital sound and recording system.
The surveillance system was installed in an effort to curb violence against bus drivers, vandalism and inappropriate behavior....

Imperial Capital Releases Review And Outlook For Security Industry 

According to Imperial Capital, an investment banking group, 2007 started out with stable economic conditions and an abundance of private equity capital available for investment. The blistering pace of merger and acquisition (M&A) activity witnessed in the first half of the year suggested that the industry was well on its way to a fifth consecutive year of increased M&A activity.
However, by the second half of 2007, these trends began to slow, as growing concerns over the lending markets and general economic conditions began to impact the landscape of the M&A environment. This year has shown that concern to be true in a way not even considered in December....

Security Executive Council Partners With ASIS International 

The Security Executive Council, an international membership organization for public- and private-sector security executives, and ASIS International, the preeminent society for security management professionals, have formed a partnership to provide leadership tools and solutions to benefit members of both organizations and the security industry. ASIS will offer the Security Executive Council’s innovative leadership materials—including books, presentations and research reports—in the ASIS bookstore.
“This is a significant initiative for the industry,” says Timothy L. Williams, CPP, president of ASIS International. “It enables members of the world’s leading security organization to gain access to the cutting-edge materials developed by and for security executives.”...

Pivot3 Drives The Adoption Of Storage Technologies In Video Markets 

Pivot3 Inc., a developer of high-definition storage, has announced its Pivot3 High-Definition Storage Alliance program, with 30 industry-leading vendors that have already committed to the program. The alliance program is designed to help users simplify the deployment and speed adoption of open video surveillance systems, using high-capacity, high-bandwidth Pivot3 High-Definition Storage.
The Pivot3 HD Storage Alliance includes leading camera vendors and open video management companies who are certified with Pivot3 High-Definition Storage. Certified HD Storage Alliance members can take advantage of numerous program benefits such as pre-sales configuration assistance, system installation support, dedicated post-sales support and joint marketing....

ISC West 2008 News And Events Highlight The Show 

ISC West takes place April 2-4. Here are some highlights to expect during the show.
• On-Net Surveillance Systems Inc. (OnSSI), a developer of non-proprietary, open architecture intelligent IP-based video surveillance software, will introduce a new solution called Ocularis.
• Denis Hébert, president and CEO, HID Global, and Luis Orbegoso, president, Lenel, will discuss the OPIN and Open Access Alliance Program (OAAP) partnership between Lenel and HID Global.
• The Security Industry Association (SIA) will hold industry group education sessions, including three on Wednesday, April 2.
• SIA will hold the New Product Showcase Awards Ceremony. ...

RFID Technology Keeps Track of School Bus Riders 

Seattle-based Zonar Systems has said it is providing RFID technology to the school bus industry to answer the iconic 1969-television question...

GE Security Announces Annual Strategic Partner Awards 

GE Security Inc. has announced the winner of the President’s Award – its 2007 Strategic Partner of the Year -- as well as the recipients of four regional Security Solutions Strategic Partner of the Year awards.
The recipient of the GE Security President’s Award for the 2007 Strategic Partner of the Year is Floyd Total Security, which was honored with the central region award, as well. This year’s regional Security Solutions Strategic Partner of the Year award winners also included Bergelectric Corp. for the western region, Viscom Systems for the northeast region and Electronic Specialty Company for the southeast region....

2008 Olympic Venues Installing Panasonic Security Cameras 

Panasonic will install a total of some 2,000 units of surveillance camera systems at various venues of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games which begin on August 8....

Secure Environments Are Key To A Focused School 

One of the principal responsibilities of any school or university is to provide a safe and secure environment where students can further their intellectual growth. Likewise, the faculty and other staff whose work is essential to day-to-day operations should be able to focus entirely on their duties rather than their safety. The violent incidents at our nation's schools and universities over the last decade have driven home an ugly reality. Schools now must secure their facilities and campuses against not only external dangers, but also those found from within. These dangers require security strategies that are innovative, sensible and affordable, according to an article in the February issue of American School & University, a sister publication of Access Control & Security Systems.
Today, digital video recording (DVR) technology has revolutionized the security and surveillance field, and expanded the options available to education institutions. VCRs with videocassettes once were the standard, but they required a lot of maintenance and delivered unstable results. ...

Digital Video Interface Data Model Standard Approved 

The Security Industry Association (SIA) has released an American National Standard ANSI/SIA OSIPS DVI-01:2008 SIA Open, Systems Integration and Performance Standards - Digital Video Interface Data Model, the first deliverable from SIA's Open Systems Integration and Performance Standards (OSIPS) body of standards.
"SIA's OSIPS family of standards are designed to be open; enable easy integration of diverse components; and provide a means to establish predictable levels of performance," says Richard Chace, executive director and CEO, The Security Industry Association. "DVI-01 meets these criteria and fills the market demand for video and IP related security solutions."...

Report Shows IT Security Improving, But Misaligned 

Many organizations are doing a better job of creating and managing their IT security programs, but survey results highlight continued disconnect between security shops and the line-of-business teams they support -- according to a new research report published by PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PWC).
Based on the results of the 5th annual Global State of Information Security report, most of the 7,200 organizations surveyed for the research showed signs of improving their overall security standing.
If one major problem was exposed by the report, however, it was that security departments often fail to communicate sufficiently with the business people they interact with, researchers said, according to InfoWorld....

Honeywell Study: Organizations Moving To Convergence 

Honeywell has released survey results that reveal how some organizations are integrating physical security measures such as video surveillance and access control with traditional IT security systems....

Video Surveillance Market Poised For Explosive Growth 

ABI Research says that the video surveillance market is poised for explosive growth, which the firm forecasts to expand from revenue of about $13.5 billion in 2006 to $46 billion in 2013....

Electronic Security Systems Market To Exceed $44 Billion By 2010 

The global security industry is extensive in its scope, covering an extremely wide range of products and services associated with the security and protection of operations, life and assets.
Sales of electronic security systems market in the United States totaled an estimated $9.4 billion in 2006, while Europe is poised to retain its dominance as the largest regional market over the years 2000 through 2010. Sales of alarms in Asia-Pacific (excluding Japan) are projected to exceed $3.8 billion in 2009. Sales of electronic access control systems in the United States are projected to grow at a compounded annual rate of 14.23 percent over the years 2000 through 2010.
Key players listed in the report include Bosch Security Systems, Chubb Security Systems, Guardian Protection Services Inc., Honeywell Security, NAPCO Security Systems Inc., PAC International Ltd. and Tyco Fire & Security, among others....

Travel Company Says Security Is a Business Traveler’s Chief Concern 

Expedia Corporate Travel surveyed more than 1,000 U.S.-based business travelers to better understand their security concerns while on the road....

Airport Study Reveals Wireless Security Risks 

At Gartner Mobile and Wireless, AirTight Networks issued the findings from its study to assess information security risk exposure of laptop users at 14 airports in the United States, Canada and Asia....

Letter From Diebold Says Buyout Offer “Inadequate” 

Diebold Inc. released a letter from its chairman to United Technologies that calls the Connecticut company's $40-a-share buyout offer ''opportunistic'' and ''inadequate.''
According to the Akron Beacon Journal, the letter sent out last week also said that United Technologies Corp. has mischaracterized the history of discussions between the two companies and that the company previously had never made a firm offer for Diebold.
United Technologies, meanwhile, responded by issuing a release saying it remained interested in buying Diebold for $40 a share and is ready to begin discussions now....

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