Fingerprint Authentication Acceptance On The Rise, Survey Shows

Feb 5, 2008 3:10 PM

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A recent consumer survey from fingerprint sensor and solutions provider AuthenTec shows that a vast majority of U.S. consumers trust in the convenience and security benefits of fingerprint authentication, especially as it relates to online banking, PC security and electronic commerce (e-commerce) applications. The survey indicates that a clear majority (77 percent) is ready to begin using fingerprint sensors as part of their day-to-day activities, signaling the strong growth potential for broad consumer adoption.

The survey shows two-thirds (66 percent) of consumers trust fingerprint biometrics as a means of authentication more than traditional PINs or passwords while 68 percent perceive the use of a fingerprint sensor to be more convenient.

A similar majority (67 percent) claimed to have little or no knowledge of mainstream consumer electronic devices such as PCs and cell phones that feature a fingerprint sensor, despite their widespread availability. Forty-three percent of respondents believe that less than one million fingerprint sensors are in use today even though AuthenTec recently marked the shipment of its 25 millionth fingerprint sensor to the global marketplace in November 2007.

"The survey reveals the chasm between strong end-user acceptance for fingerprint sensor-enabled devices and yet the low level of awareness of the widespread availability of products that feature our fingerprint sensors," said AuthenTec Chairman and CEO Scott Moody. "This feedback is a reminder to the industry and consumer electronics manufacturers that there is a receptive buyer eager to enjoy the convenient security of fingerprint sensors."

According to the survey, the more often an individual conducts online banking and e-commerce, the more likely that person is to perceive the value of using fingerprint sensors and to consider more online activity. Two-thirds of survey respondents see the advantages of fingerprint sensors and their associated benefits for online banking and e-commerce, and would use the technology today to authorize payments and transactions online. As well, information security concerns among respondents also increased with more online activity.

* When asked to rate their most desired application, online banking was the winner. Information security was second.
* Seventy-five percent of respondents said they use online banking services and 78 percent of those respondents said that, if available, they would use a fingerprint sensor to make online banking transactions more convenient and secure.
* More than one third of those who don't use online banking would be more inclined to do so if a fingerprint sensor were part of the experience.

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