Destination: Atlantic Station 

By Randy Southerland

One might never guess that this bustling urban retail development sits upon what once was a massive steel plant. In fact, few of the throngs of shoppers...

Fire Systems May Be A Stumbling Block For Building Integration 

As organizations recognize the benefits of combining physical and digital security, integration of building security systems with other security systems...

Notification system to keep students, parents informed 

The new Raleigh Latin High School in North Carolina will implement a Web-based notification service from Honeywell Building Solutions, Minneapolis, that...

Using Technology To Gain Control 

By Kim Rahfaldt

It takes a lot of people to keep business running smoothly at the Port of Seattle. From fishing guides to florists, food service workers to pilots, and...

Emergency Response Management 

Michael Fickes

Architectural design and information technology control the speed and effectiveness of an emergency operations center (EOC), according to Major Joseph...

Talk Amongst Yourselves 

Michael Fickes

When police arrive at the scene of an accident or crime, they talk to each other over the radio. But they can't communicate with anyone else. Typically,...

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