Mission Accomplished at San Diego's Mission Beach

Jun 1, 2008 12:00 PM

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While network-based security and surveillance applications are becoming more common, the range of benefits from the implementation of IP technology in video surveillance applications is yet to be realized. One benefit that is easily identified is that of enhanced system control and management through the use of video control and management software suites such as Suffern, N.Y.-based OnSSI's IP video surveillance control and management solution.

The point is best illustrated in a wireless video surveillance installation at San Diego's popular Belmont Park area of Mission Beach. Mounting crime prompted local residents to pursue funding for the IP-based video surveillance system, which was installed in the summer of 2007. The five-camera, network-based system is deployed along the beachfront/Belmont Park area and is monitored by staff at the Northern Division of the San Diego Police Department. Dotworkz Systems (dotworkz.com), a San Diego company that focuses on open platform network video servers and specialty environment camera housings, provided the needed hardware to optimize the software and ensure long-term project performance. WebCamProShop.com, a 7-year Gold level-Certified OnSSI partner, provided the software, wireless connectivity and cameras.

At the heart of the system is the OnSSI IP video control and management solution, which integrates camera control functions, NVR, virtual matrix, intelligent video delivery and content analysis in one software platform. To further supplement and assist the security measures in the area, the OnSSI software “pushes” critical video content, as determined in the set-up, from any of the five cameras to the attention of the security staff. Additionally, access to the video is enabled via a variety of intelligent video delivery clients, from handheld devices such as smart phones, laptops and PDAs to a full-scale video wall virtual matrix display.

According to the San Diego Police Department, within just a few months, the area has seen a 30 percent reduction in service calls and a 7 percent reduction in crime. One example is how the San Diego Police Department, using the video surveillance system, was able to thwart a potential drug deal and apprehend the suspects.

According to William Ferris, CEO of WebCamProShop.com, his company recommended the OnSSI IP video surveillance solution for a number of reasons, but primarily because of its capability for expansion and upgrading. “The upgrade path for this product is clearly identified, and this set it apart from other software suites we looked at,” Ferris says.

In addition to the OnSSI IP video surveillance control and management solution, the Mission Beach surveillance system includes Sony SNC-RZ50 IP cameras that are housed in Dotworkz D2 marine-ready enclosures, equipped with heater-blower systems. A Dotworkz NVR Serverware, complete with a Seagate security-based hard drive with RAID configuration, is used to archive the video. Additionally, Dotworkz configured the D2 housing with the wireless mesh option for four of the five cameras on a 5.8 GHz wireless spectrum. The fifth camera is equipped with a Dotworkz D2 2.4 GHz 802.11b/g wireless SideKick.

“All in all, it's very proactive,” Ferris says. “We have a proactive community wanting to do something about their neighborhood. The individual equipment has pro-active features that lead to an overall proactive system. It's a great example of the value and benefits of an IP-based solution.”

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